World Maintenance 14 LLC (WM14LLC) is a  Business Development Service Support organization.  We have desire and passion for “providing service to the line” as this is our unique quality.  Our role is to provide business development service and support to start-up businesses, entrepreneurs, consultants, and local small business owners via Lead Generation.

The overall responsibility of business service support is in our care.  We are our clients’ resource to Intenet Marketing support via technology, business consulting and coaching services, and business strategic planning.  Our goal is to establish long-term relationships and to become  a vital partner while assisting  in developing marketing channels of distribution valuable to the growth of your business.

Founded in Charlotte, NC, founder Strategic Business Consultant Vonnie “Von” Wright has surrounded himself with a team of talented like-minded business owners along with over 30 years of experiences to include  military logistics, training, coaching, and his corporate experiences in various industries which allows him to share his expertise while working hand-in-hand with his clients.

WM14LLC recognizes the difficulties that visionaries, dreamers, local small business owners  entrepreneurs, start-up businesses, and consultants are experiencing while trying to get established in the community, so we are committed to journey with you.  We believe and stand on our purpose and promise, ” To come together to hear affairs of men standing in one spirit with one mind striving together”.

Our business principles are simple:


Great leaders value their time and that of others, to everyone’s benefit. In exchange, you get their complete attention.


Motivating leaders believe wholeheartedly in their offering, regardless of challenges that arise. A team needs the vision and confidence of a great leader. Passionate leaders are inherently optimistic truly believing anything is possible and want to be surrounded with people who keep them inspired. Enthusiasm in our approach to every task is one of the meaningful descriptions of how we approach every project.

High Ethical Standards – Do the right thing immediately.  Our high principles will be our hallmark preceding the company brand.  This is an expectation, a perception and not a request from our customers.


 Determine accountability at the outset.  Ask the tough questions up front, scope out both the upside and the risks; and then make a decision with two points in mind:

  • Who is responsible for overseeing it?
  • What are the metrics of success or failure?


  • Look for game-changing information at the periphery of your industry
  • Search beyond the current boundaries of your business
  • Build wide external networks to help you scan the horizon better


Quality is the guiding philosophy of our business rather than simply a component of the strategic plan.  Future competitive advantages for the entire organization exist through the strategic quality plan.  Our quality is represented and measured by national standards as well as customer perception and satisfaction.  Delivering quality is the reason for our existence not why we exist.


Treat each client’s business as if it is our business.  Our clients’ success is our success.  Every business owner, entrepreneur, or individual with an idea is equally important to us.  If it is important enough for the client to discuss, then our approach is as if we created the original idea or thought from beginning to end.


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